Richard Craig-McFeely von Interxion im Interview

Richard Craig-McFeely ist Strategy & Marketing Director für den Bereich Digital Media bei Interxion - und Speaker am NewTV Summit 2017. Wir freuen uns auf seinen Vortrag "Cloud Critical, The future of TV" am 26. Januar. Vorab hat er uns bereits drei Fragen zur Zukunft des Bewegtbildes beantwortet. Hier die spannenden Antworten:


The motion picture and video industries, their content and channels are changing. What are the main challenges for established players or new market participants?

Craig-McFeely: The best guide for an answer to this question is to watch the M&A news in the media business. The trend is for content owners and content distributors to merge or acquire each other. Think Verizon/Yahoo, AT&T/Time Warner etc. This trend will accelerate as major distributors realize the true value of compelling content. It also explains why Amazon has spent millions of dollars on the Grand Tour…. to attract subscribers to their Prime video service.

How will we watch TV in 2025?

Craig-McFeely: That’s a great question! With the current speed of change in video consumption we are already losing the need for terms such as ‘broadcasting’ so I expect the term ‘television’ will be redundant. In fact it is hard to look so far ahead as I expect we will see many changes even in the next 5 years. In that time frame I expect to see a removal of all geographical content rights restrictions, battery life that lasts a week or more, personalized linear channels based on preferences etc. By 2025 we will likely be watching video direct into our eyes from glasses or other devices and devices that fold.

How will cloud technologies affect the future of the motion picture? What is the role of cloud technologies here?

Craig-McFeely: Everyone is talking about the cloud and the benefits resonate in media as in other business sectors. Be careful though as cloud means different things to different people/business so understanding the business need or challenge is key. Important is the discussion about private cloud or public cloud as this makes a big difference in the discussion. In media cloud can be used within the industry to share, collaborate and provide services. There are already plenty of examples of this. Additionally cloud can be used to share the content with consumers.